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*Meet the Podcast Authors


Tina Kapp

Tina Kapp loves the stage, whether it be acting, singing, dancing, public speaking, or television. She grew up traveling with her missionary parents and enjoys learning new things and experiencing new cultures. She teaches Bollywood and Middle Eastern dance, and directs a performance group in South Africa where the proceeds fund missionary and charity projects. Her hobbies are writing, editing, costume design, and blogging.


Scott MacGregor

Scott MacGregor hales from New Zealand and is a novelist and columnist who currently lives and works in Atlantic Canada. Drawing from a lifetime of wandering around the world, coupled with being an avid student of religious and social history, he writes on spiritual and eschatological topics.


Mara Hodler

Mara Hodler is a wife, mom, and entrepreneur (in that order), who lives in Austin, Texas. She is turning her love for cooking into a home business, although most of her time goes into raising four kids. When she authors for JustOneThing she writes as if she were writing to her kids, trying to prepare them for life. She draws on her own life experience and the stories of many other interesting people, from Bible times to the present.

*Meet the Podcast Authors

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